Tell us a bit about your restaurant.
Yolk was born in September 2019! Inspired by the humble bacon & egg roll it grew into a concept based around what came first, the chicken or the egg. Yolk is a minimal farmhouse feel in a minimal way, serving beautiful egg or chicken related products with specialty coffee and fresh OJ.
What is your position at Yolk and how big is your team?
My name is Yianni Passaris and I am the founder of Yolk. Yolk has been established for 9 months at Gasworks Plaza and we have  a total team of 10 people working for us. We started together from day one and now we are family.
What is the most popular coffee order and dish on the menu right now?
The most popular coffee ordered right now is flat white but put that a side it has to be a batchy (black filter coffee) and for food it’s a BAE roll (bacon & egg roll)!
How do you like your coffee and what is your favorite menu item?
Love a flatty in the morning followed by a bacon & egg roll with a hash brown, mayo & hot sauce.
What is the most unusual or funny request you have had from a customer?
Someone giving us a fake name for an order but then forgetting the fake name when we are calling it out.
What is the best part about your job?
Making customers happy when enjoying our coffee and food 😊
When you’re not working, what do you like to do in your spare time?
Enjoying going for a drive and eating at another café.
What makes Gasworks Plaza a great part of the community?
Seeing regular faces and people have such a loyal following in the centre.

Interview with Yianni Passaris, founder of Yolk. 

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