So Yianni, tell us a little bit about what you were doing before you decided to take the leap and go into the restaurant business? 
I have always worked in hospitality, my family had restaurants and my uncle had a snack bar. I fell in love with food from a young age and wanted my customers to join my journey. I also love design and architecture, so I wanted to put that passion into my businesses.

What can people expect when they visit Yolk? 
People can expect a gourmet experience. From the food to the branding, it’s all connected, it was a great project and the delivery was executed fantastically by Derlot. Keep an eye for the chicken feet on the ground.

And, what can they expect when they visit Ping Pong? 
Expect a certified feast for the senses, from tongue-tantalising Thai street eats and killer cocktail slushies, to mood-altering light installations and a secret oasis. 

Where did you get your inspiration for Yolk and Ping Pong? 
My mind doesn’t stop thinking about different concepts, we worked very closely with Derlot and our minds think alike, the brand and vision evolved from there. But it all starts from the cuisine, then moves into branding. The menu and experience are created from there.

Why did you choose Gasworks for your restaurants?
I think Gasworks is the best shopping centre in Brisbane for quality and accessibility.

What is your favourite thing about being a part of the Gasworks community?
I think it’s the local regular customers.

What is one thing have you purchased that has changed your life the most? 
I don’t think purchasing something can change your life, I think it’s the experiences and the people you surround yourself with that impact your life decisions and I am glad to say I love the people around me and blessed to have the experiences I have been able to have.

If you could hang a banner across the whole side of the story bridge what would it say? 
It’s All Good! I just want to remind people that

Interview with Yianni Passaris, founder of Yolk and Ping Pong.