Food & Drink


Drawing inspiration from her European roots, Lara De Bruyne has been passionate about cooking from an early age with the influence of her family heritage. Spending her time exploring new ingredients and experimenting with recipes that make her body flourish, Lara has become very selective about where her food is sourced to ensure that the ingredients she consumes offer the most flavour and most nutrition possible. 

“I love that food is a tool that we can use to nourish our bodies and if you choose to put good quality fresh food into your body it can have a dramatic positive impact on your mood.”

As a Brisbane local Lara has been involved with the community here at Gasworks as an avid shopper at The Standard Market co, specifically because of their variety and quality of fresh locally sourced produce. “I honestly love shopping here, I love exploring all of the ingredients they have because they are so versatile and fresh. I also absolutely love how easy it is to shop here, unlike larger centres I can get all of my shopping done in 20 minutes and know that all of the unique ingredients I need will be available and are always perfectly fresh”.

Over the coming months, Lara will be delivering you delicious new recipes, that are easy to cook at home, with all the ingredients available from The Standard Market Co. 

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