Impress this Valentine’s Day, with these 11 romantice ideas

1. Blow them away with a beautiful bouquet from Brisbane’s most stylish florist, Maison Fleur


It doesn’t get more classic than a bright red rose… unless you’re talking about a bountiful bouquet of Brisbane’s most luxurious long stemmed Red Roses from Maison Fleur.

The floral arrangements that deck the halls of Maison Fleur Florist will deck the heart of your favourite person this Valentine’s Day.

Presented standing upright in glass or wrapped in their signature black wrapping, these are the quintessential gifts for the one you love to stop and smell the roses.

2. The ultimate seafood lovers experience with the famous ‘Hot & Cold seafood platter’ from Reef


Do you and your other half have a penchant for seafood? Indulge together to the fullest extent this Valentine’s Day at Reef Gasworks…

Get the best of both worlds with their hot and cold seafood platters, cooked to order and using the freshest ingredients from fish to salad. Oh, and if you fancy a drink? The bar has over 100 wines to choose from, 80 of which are by the glass, craft beers and cocktails to satisfy your tastebuds.

Reef's wonderful relationship with local fisherman means that they can provide you with the highest quality and the widest range all at the best prices, which you and your partner deserve on this special day!

3. Show off your inner romantic with these 3 essential gifts from Ollie & Lloyd


What better way to show off your romantic chops than by skipping the dinner reservation and unrolling a picnic rug in the glow of the afternoon sun with a curated spread of your favourites... Whatever your vision is, Ollie & Lloyd have the goods to help you execute it in style.
Store the goods in this woven Water Hyacinth picnic basket and settle down on a cushioned picnic mat adorned with Aussie Flora Khaki… with inner foam, easy to fold and roll up with a velcro closure and carry handle.
Or skip the ground dwelling altogether and move up to a portable, retractable summer picnic table with wine holder… Your options are stacked this Valentine’s Day at Ollie & Lloyd.
With this elaborate romantic picnic setting you will need some impressive wines to show how cultured you are and we have just the thing for you!

4. Explore the world of Pet Nat wines at the Wine Emporium


Pair a bouquet of roses and your picnic spread with a few bottles of beautiful Rose this Valentine’s Day at the Wine Emporium.

OR if you’re feeling a little more adventurous then why not explore these NEW Pet Nats. Pet Nat (Pétillant Naturel) wine is made, as the name implies, by a natural process. This wine is bottled before it’s fermentation process is fully complete, resulting in carbon dioxide forming from the natural sugars in the wine and turning into bubbles. Leaving a natural, fruity, lightly sparkling wine perfect on a warm Summer evening!
The Wine Emporium currently have these 3 Pet Nats, and we are absolutely addicted to all 3, we can’t get enough of them this Summer!

All of your liquid Valentine’s refreshments are under one roof at Wine Emporium Gasworks… seductive, supple and flavoursome, nothing beats a bottle of wine to top off - or set sail into - a sultry evening.
No matter your take on Valentine’s Day, it’s as good an excuse as any to pop open a great bottle of wine — whether you’re sharing it with someone else or not.

Consider The Wine Emporium your one stop-shop not only for great drops themselves, but consultation from passionate experts to make sure you make the right choice.

5. ‘Lover Brunch’ at Botany Newstead


Botany is one of the freshest faces in the Gasworks oasis, but their food and cocktails aren’t to be overlooked. Let the Botany team treat you to a luxurious meal of incredible food and great company this Valentine’s Day.
Botany has two Valentine’s Offers available for you to impress your loved one.
  1. 3-Course Decadent Dinner
If you fancy a classic Valentines dinner, the Botany decadent 3-course dinner for just $49 per person is sure to spark the romance you’re after!
  1. Lovers Brunch
If you want to venture out a bit earlier in the day, book a boozy ‘Lovers Brunch,’ available from 7am with bottomless mimosas available for $25 per person. Bookings essential!

6. Transport your lover to the islands of Thailand at Ping Pong


Our friends at Ping Pong Asian are doing the usual this Valentine's Day...

⁠Lucky for us, their "usual" is our "extraordinary". A standard night to celebrate a very special evening is on the cards in this vibrant space. This isn't your traditional, sultry, candle-lit venue under the stars.  It's a whole new ballgame and the perfect, fun atmosphere for a night to remember with your nearest and dearest!

Ping Pong is perfect for the couple who desire something a little more upbeat and energised this Valentine’s Day. Not your typical fine dining restaurant that most would think of when considering a romantic dinner, make this Valentine’s a bunch of fun at Ping Pong!
7. 3-Course feast through the middle east at Mecca Bah


Take your loved one on a culinary journey through the middle east & mediterranean with this romantic cocktail pairing 3-course dinner!

Spend the most romantic day of the year in one of the swankiest venues circling the Gasometer, the ever-delectable Mecca Bah. Reserve a table for two and treat that special person to a succulent 3-course menu for $65pp paired with their special cocktail designed specially for Valentine’s Day!

Combining the sweet and spicy emotions of a whirlwind romance, the Spicy Love Cocktail features chambord, gin, strawberry syrup and tabasco.
8. The Ultimate Sweet Tooth Valentine’s date at Milky Lane


The dessert wizards at Milky Lane have partnered with your favourite ice cream company to bring you these two February specials, featuring the NEW S’wich Up Ben & Jerrys Cookie DoughIce cream.
  1. Cookie Dough & Choc Biscuit Chunk Spring Rolls w/ Ben & Jerry’s S’wich Up IceCream: The Spring Rolls are filled with Cookie Dough and Choc Cookie Cheesecake, served up with a shot glass of Condensed Milk and Choc Chunks and of course, a scoop of Ben & Jerry’s S’WICH UP IceCream
  1. Ben & Jerry’s Cocktail: The rim is coated with edible cookie dough and the insides are stacked with B&J Cookie Dough and Choc Crisp Ice Cream, topped with a mouthwatering Bueno Foam
Kick your Valentine’s plans up a notch with a booking at the most extravagant burger bistro on the block, which will dial up your senses into overdrive with their loaded menu options, decadent desserts and cocktails...

“Came here on a date, which was honestly risky because I've never been before. We were served by Jordan, who instantly made us feel very comfortable and in a weird way broke the ice between my date and I. You know how some people are just so outgoing and warm they can just do that? Anyway really nice food and I got a second date.” - Kyle Butt
9. Authentic Italian romance at Italian Street Kitchen


Take your partners senses on a romantic stroll down the streets of Italy this Valentine’s Day! 
While sharing a strand of spaghetti under the full moon like Lady and the Tramp might be off the table, you can recreate the feeling at Italian Street Kitchen in Gasworks Plaza.

On the streets of Italy, eating is a vibrant and transient affair with locals flowing in and out of bustling street stalls and shop fronts to exchange conversation, enjoy delicious food and wine, and choose their favourite local produce to take home for the family meal.
Italian Street Kitchen embodies this Italian way of eating and sharing and have created a place to gather with your loved ones over simple Italian dishes that burst with flavour. A place to experience real, quality Italian food.
Try their wood-fired pizza, made with dough fermented for 48 hours for maximum flavour, stretched to perfection and topped with the highest quality ingredients… or experience their brilliant house-made pasta, prepared fresh daily with real eggs and Italian flour. Whichever way you go, this is a safe bet to impress your special someone.
10. The meat lovers dream date at Smokey Moo


Celebrate your boo at Smokey Moo with their 2 and 3-Course Valentine’s Dinners!
If your partner is a meat lover this is your opportunity to score some serious brownie points because Smokey Moo is a meat lovers dream come true! At Smokey Moo they begin smoking their tender meats at 2am every morning, yes 2am!!! So by the time you sit down to your meal in the evening your meat is so soft and full of smokey flavour it melts in your mouth!
Valentine’s Dinner Offers:
2 courses $80 | 3 courses $90 per couple includes a single rose and beverage.
But be warned, their meats are extremely addictive and you may develop a dependency on them which will make all other meats taste like rubber ;)
11. Valentine’s Giveaway at Wara Sushi


Valentine’s Day at Wara Sushi will last longer than one day with this romantic giveaway!  Wara Sushi are giving 5 lucky winners a bottle of "Shaw+Smith Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc".
How to enter:
  • Eat at Wara Sushi on Valentine’s Day
  • Follow Wara Sushi on Facebook.
  • Tag your Valentine on the Wara Sushi Facebook.
Terms and conditions:
* Wine is available only for winners who visit the Wara sushi store on February 14.
* Takeaway is impossible.
* Minors are not allowed to participate.
* The Prizes cannot be transferred, exchanged, or redeemed for cash.
*Acceptance of the Prize is deemed consent for the Promoter to use the Prize Winners’ photographs for promotional, marketing and publicity purposes on the Promoter’s website or in other forms of social media for an indefinite time without any further attribution, reference, payment or other compensation to the Prize Winner